Get your friends together for some fashion fun!

Hosting a trunk show event is easy with Traveling Chic Boutique. We provide almost everything you’ll need to put on a great party – all we really need from you is the food, drinks and guest list!

1. Schedule

Traveling Chic Boutique recommends scheduling your trunk show as far in advance as possible to ensure that we’ll be available on the date you choose. We’ll provide the invites for you to send to family, friends and colleagues.

2. Set up

Once we arrive at the location you’ve chosen for your trunk show, we’ll start setting up for the event. We ask that our hosts provide any food or beverage they may wish to serve, but we’ll do the rest – from offering stylish stemware to setting up cute jewelry displays, Traveling Chic Boutique is ready to give your living room or room of your choice a personalized, boutique feel! Note: The set-up process typically takes around 3 hours.

3. Party time!

We’ll be available to answer any questions you may have about the merchandise, but our ultimate goal is to give you and your friends the space to enjoy this unique shopping experience. At the end of the night, we’ll give you a gift certificate totaling 10% of the event sales to be used for Traveling Chic Boutique merchandise, or we will donate 15% of total event sales to the charity of your choice.

4. Pack up

After the party is over, we’ll help you clean and pack up. It’s as easy as that!


Let’s Party

Share great style with your friends over a bottle of champagne!  We love to help you plan and throw the perfect trunk show party.  Get in touch to book a trunk show today!